Preparing for Baby’s Arrival - Newborn Essentials Checklist

Preparing for Baby’s Arrival - Newborn Essentials Checklist

Preparing to welcome a newborn soon? What are some clothing, sleeping and feeding-related must-haves to include on your shopping list?

1. Comfortable, easy-wear onesies

Frequent diaper changes are expected and what better way to make things more convenient by dressing your baby in easy-wear onesies? Onesies with snap buttons allow for quick access without the need to undress our little ones fully. Be it cotton onesies for daily wear or dressier onesies with frills and beautiful prints, take your pick here by browsing all of our favourites!

2. Sleepsuits, mittens and socks

Ready for bedtime? Long-sleeved sleepsuits with two-way zippers are great for diaper changes in the middle of the night and can keep our little ones comfortable in cool temperatures. Remember to stock up on socks and mittens to keep those little hands and feet warm too!

P.S. Bedtime is hardly complete without bedtime stories – check out our washable, non-toxic and chew-proof Indestructibles collection and other books here.

3. Nursing covers

We never forget that mama’s needs are equally important. Nursing covers accord mothers the privacy to breastfeed or pump in comfort, even if you have to be on the move. View AOKII’s range of extra soft, lightweight and breathable nursing covers crafted from OEKO-TEX certified and organic fabric blends. As an added bonus, our nursing covers can also double up as your high chair cover, swaddle or even a car seat cover for the near future!

4. Washcloths and towels

Soft washcloths come in handy when babies need a gentle wipe down during bath time or after diaper changes. Towels also help with drying babies quickly after bath. Check out our hooded, extra snuggly and absorbent bear towels here, sized up for comfort.

5. Bibs

Absorbent cotton bibs help to ensure that drool and milk do not stain your little ones’ clothing. When the time comes for weaning, silicone feeding bibs are a go-to as they are easy to wash, adjustable in neck width, and come with a pocket to catch your little bub’s loose morsels.

Pro tip: You can build-your-own Newborn Gift Box and pick out a little something for both mama and baby!

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