5 Reasons Why Mothers Use Our Nursing Covers

Are you thinking about or consulting Dr Google on what to buy for a loved one who has just given birth?

Welcoming a newborn into the family is an exciting yet potentially stressful period. Make things slightly easier with our Organic Nursing Covers that feature prints exclusively designed in-house!

1. Full 360 degree coverage

Our nursing covers are roomy and comfortable, with 360 degree coverage to accord nursing mothers with the privacy they need whilst nursing or pumping. No more worrying about loose-fitting nursing ponchos! To wear, simply pull the nursing cover over your clothes like a sweater and let it rest on your shoulders. Nursing mamas can even peek at their babies to check if they are latching well 😊

2. Nursing or pumping can take place indoors or even outdoors

Hosting family or visitors but feeding times can’t wait? We know how important it is to retain a regular feeding schedule for the little ones, especially when they get hungry so often. With AOKII’s nursing covers, nursing mothers have the flexibility to nurse or pump on demand, no matter where they are at.

3. Lightweight and breathable

Parents are often carrying various baby care items when bringing little ones in tow. Our nursing covers are lightweight and easy to roll up to pack along for trips, and allow airflow for high breathability whilst nursing.

4. Crafted from extra soft organic fabric

AOKII’s nursing covers are crafted from carefully selected organic fabric blends for comfort and peace of mind. We partner with manufacturers that produce OEKO-TEX certified fabrics, which means that the quality has been assessed by external agencies and tested for harmful chemicals. Our nursing covers are extremely soft and stretchy too – try it to believe it!

5. Multi-purpose product with a long lifespan

We favour products that possess functionality and which have a long lifespan. Say goodbye to items that are only useful for a limited time period! AOKII’s nursing covers are meant to be multi-purpose and can double up for parents as a high chair cover, a swaddle or even a car seat cover. Make the most out of one purchase and opt for your favourite in-house designed print here.

Good news - Our nursing covers are available with build-your-own Newborn Gift Boxes so you can choose a little something for both mama and baby too!

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